Friday, March 5, 2010

A different kind of week

Well, C-man has had his first big cold... RSV to be exact. He is a happy wheezer, but it is a bit distressing listening to him breath. Poor guy. The beginning of the week passed by in a haze of sleepless nights and coughing... The Don seems to be doing pretty good, but he has the sniffles and a cough. Half felt bad about taking C-man swimming on Saturday, but who knew what was coming... needless to say, I think we will be taking a pass from waterbabies this week.

So, that was the Big-O. The last hockey game was awesome.. what a win! Hard to believe after all that hoopla... we are over and done, and just the P-games to go. Since the crowds won't be as crazy, we may just head to the city one day to check out what is happening around town...

About slow cookers and customer service. Through airmiles, I ordered a fancy-schmancy slow cooker that was programmable for when I go back to work. Figured it was the best way to go since it would automatically go from heating to warm, and would be the best way to guarantee good meals. Well, the one we got has been a bit of a nightmare. Slowcooking should not be rocket science, but the damn thing was scorching everything I cooked. Or it would superheat the food so you would scald your mouth.. and then the cleanup.. well, it left a bit to be desired as the food was caked on to the sides of the pan.

Airmiles couldn't do anything for us, so I contacted the manufacturer to whine since it has a one year warranty. Well, they have been awesome! I have been shocked by their customer service, and quite happily they are sending me a different replacement unit, free of charge.

This highlights to me I am not the first person to have this complaint about the unit, and, Crock-Pot stands behind their product. Thank you. Before the phone call I was feeling pretty pissy, and now, I am really looking forward to my replacement cooker. It looks awesome... and better features, and from the reviews I read before I chose it, it sounds like an all-round better option. So in the end, everything should be working out. I figure if I can whinge about when I don't get great customer service (like switching our phone/internet to a competitor and then getting my last bill from the old provider and finding out that I was on a "rate protection plan" for my internet I didn't know about, thanks for that and really, do you think you will get my business back in the future??? not with that kind of gouging) that I should also shout out when I get great customer service, which I did. Am definitely looking forward to our replacement cooker...

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