Thursday, March 25, 2010

Farewell my friend.

Brandon, about 6 weeks old... (was he really that small???)

It was a weird feeling when I gave my coz my b'feeding pillow today.

I hadn't really had the intention of parting with it, but I knew watching her b'feed on the couch, that she needed it more than me. At this point, 99% of Connor's feeds take place in bed, so it was time. I was able to show her a few different ways of feeding, and then the mom's life improvement factor, being able to shift baby to the couch when they are asleep so you can run to the bathroom or just do whatever, or nothing as the case may be.

So, it was with a sigh, I placed the pillow around her neck to carry to her van, and wished her well. That pillow is now on boy #5 - Austin, Jackson, Brandon, Connor, and now Elias. It sports a new cover and many, many hours of breastfeeding and love. It continues to be in good hands. I will miss it, but, the pillow has moved on to the next best place and will continue to be loved. Egads. What a sappy sod I can be!

Connor... about a month old???

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