Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lycra, are you truly my friend?

A dear friend called the early years of child rearing as being "in the trenches of parenthood." I would agree, as you just move from one stage to the next, the early years with teething, sleepless nights, the first times with many different sicknesses that are worse because they are your child's and they can't speak for themselves and they are so wee, and just learning how to be a parent can be pretty trying and a period of unbelievable growth for you as a person.

I would also add that these are those frumpy jeans years too. I really don't want to wear mom jeans, but I have reached a crossroads where every single pair of pants I own are all bagged out. I have saggy ass, and within about 30 minutes of coming out of the dryer, my pants look like shit on me. I guess a few pregnancies will do that to a person, but when I go back to work, I am getting rid of all of my pants and jeans. I may be able to salvage a pair with the purchase of a nice, new belt.

My mom keeps suggesting to me, "Why don't you let me put elastic in the waist?" Uhm. No thanks. Why don't I just go shopping instead! Okay, maybe not right now being on mat leave with a limited budget... I can suck it up for a few more months, and soon I can wear some of my summer clothes which should fit better since they have less lycra in them and shouldn't be as stretched out.

It is embarrassing though. Jeans and cords that fit out of the dryer are falling off my body within an hour. I sit on the floor and I expose my ass for all to see. When I get up, Ken rolls his eyes and tells me to pull up my pants. Although I am glad that it means that my body has shifted, and although not weighing much less than I did, obviously I must be on the right track... but it would be nice if one of my pairs of pants actually looked good on me for longer than it takes to walk around a room and stretch them out again.

I have discovered a store in Langley that carries Jag jeans... and they have a line that is for women with smaller waists and bigger hips. Perhaps these will fit well and solve my gape-y ass problem that I seem to have. Speaking of which, I could spend a fair bit of money in this store.. they had beautiful dresses and some really nice clothes...

When I do head out shopping this summer, I am going to aim to buy less pieces that are better quality and look better. Just because it fits doesn't mean I am going to spring for it. I am back at it spring cleaning again, I have a whole pile of clothes I am ready to let go of and it was easier than ever to cull from my pile of clothes that I have been looking at and not wearing. Hence, just because it fits, doesn't mean you will wear it. I guess you say I am planning to do more "mindful" shopping in the near future. Quality over quantity. Okay, it will be hard to break away from some of the nice, plain cotton tee's that I love to slum around the house in, but I know I need some new duds for work, and for being seen outside of the house in...

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