Thursday, March 6, 2008

Not so graceful

In true Kazzy-style, I was walking down a set of stairs with a few potential co-workers whom I wanted to make a great first impression with.

I had my purse in one hand, and a binder in the other. I am still not so great at the whole purse thing because the damn thing always seems to be sliding off of my shoulders. Well, down I went, sliding down about 5-8 stairs on my knees. I scared the hell out of the people ahead of me, scared the hell out of the people I was with, and well, everything was happening so damn fast I am glad that it was only my inside voice screaming out OH SHHHHHHHITTTTTTT!!! as the floor came rushing up to me. My momentum stopped before I got to the bottom so I didn't get to suffer the embarrassment of sliding in to a finish and then toppling over face first. I got up, brushed off my pants, told them I was ok, and smarted. My legs hurt. I have bruises between my knees and my ankles, and any pressure in that area hurt. Hell, walking up stairs hurt.

On a side note, it was a beautiful slide I am sure that I perfected in hockey.

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