Friday, March 28, 2008

That's a week!

Well, I made it.

Wrapped up work, and the last two days have passed by in a blur. I sent Brandon to daycare, and I ran errands, and cleaned, and puttered about doing god only knows what, and frittered away time, and cleaned the kitchen, and did laundry, and more laundry, and then even more laundry (was everything we owned dirty?)... and then I went to that big store of DIY and got a new coffee table. Anyone want an old one? I have coveted a new coffee table since we had to go back to our really old one. See, when you have a young dude, it really doesn't make sense to have a glass-top anything. You are just asking for it, so we retired our cool coffee table and brought back the one I inherited, and well, it did the job and that was about it. The new one is more functional, and smaller and taller, and well, I like it better.

I was on a mission to get our passports renewed too. I rocked up at 7:15... I had my book, some water, and I figured I had a few hours to kill before my hair appointment at 11.

I was DONE before 8! I was shocked - I didn't know what to do with myself! I guess when they have enough staff they do a "soft" opening to get a start on the day. I got back in my truck, and I thought- what now? I am on the wrong side of the bridge in the middle of rush hour. So I grabbed myself a java and took the long way around. Wandered around the mall, dropped off my package at my new work... which was cool. I went there for so long as a student, it is crazy to be there as an employee. Damn cool though, and nice being able to flash a letter and get parking, and not be forced in to the lottery to be even considered for a space!!! Yesterday, like today, passed way too quickly and it was time to pick up the little guy before I knew it.

It was just nice to be. Made up a budget we can blow to smitherines, cleaned up my bookshelves, took out recycling, and now I surf. Soon I think I shall bathe. Or at least read a book. It feels like the calm after a big storm. Although I really like my last job, and I made a few friends, I am looking forward to this change, and whatever it will bring. The last few weeks were all over the board, and now, it feels like the start of something new.

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