Thursday, April 3, 2008

I have a window!!!

I am settling in to my new digs.

Already I am learning new things, or at least reminding myself about stuff I already knew. Time is flying. So much so that I pretty much forgot to eat lunch yesterday. By the time I realized I had forgotten to grab something of substance, it was time to go home. I knew we were having pasta, so I feasted on that an promptly gave myself a queasy stomach, and a roaring headache. The joys.

It was strange walking in to work on the first day - going "behind the counter" where I used to be a student. Some stuff is cutting edge, other stuff blows my mind at how far behind it is.

I am back to cleaning out an office. I am on my 4th recycling bin, and have filled a confidential shredding box. There are duplicates of duplicates, and policy books that go back well in to the 90s. A historical record is nice, and there are requirements for records management... BUT!!! There is a point where that kind of information volume becomes a nasty beast and you just don't want to deal with it - at all. In I come... I do have an amazing view, and I do have 15 boxes that still need to be sorted, plus all the stuff on the book shelf. It feels a little chaotic, but I am feeling very welcomed, and already valued. It has been really cool. That said, a little daunting at times because some of the way that things has been done is really convoluted, and I come at a time they want to make some big changes, which is great, because that seems to be where I am at, and the team that I am with.

Time is flying. I still don't have an office key, or my own access card, and I still need to go to the gym and get me a membership. I am giving myself the week off - I figure there is enough chaos without getting my ass to the gym - especially since eating has been an issue, LOL. I also realized that I only did a trip to the loo once. Can we say, drink some fluids girl!!!

The shorter days and later start time is nice.. as is the 10 minute commute (after a 15 minute walk to the car, which I expected, which is actually quite nice.. me time, to just walk.... and not think). Today I am going to grab the dude, and poppa, and head off to the ducks. Which is cool because it wasn't an option to do that before dinner when I wasn't getting us home until close to 6! It's nice starting at 8:30 instead of 7:30.. mornings are not so hellacious.

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