Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Another outfit change?

Well, we have now had the dubious distinction of going through our first stomach flu with Brandon.

It has really sucked. The flu hit on Saturday morning. It was a nerve wracking experience as the contents of B's stomach repeatedly chose a rapid exit... up until close to midnight. Then Sunday morning, round 2 started in the southern regions.

Needless to say, B has had his ass kicked by the damn flu, I am sure he has lost a pound, and learning how much and when to reintroduce food is a challenge. Yes, he is on the mend, are we fully there yet - nope. There have been times I wished we had hardwood/laminate floors throughout the whole house, and times where I wondered if the laundry would ever be done. He has been a real trooper though it all, but it has been brutal.

I used a call a friend to Nej on Saturday night to touch base about these wonderful bugs, and just to find out if this is truly how much it sucks when it is your baby with the flu. She answered with a resounding yes. It sucks this bad. Checked in with a doc and he said no need to call in the cavalry, but man, it sure would be nice if B was eating like he normally does. Last night he ate some dinner, and then powered through way too much milk and we both wore it again. Ah yes, life teaches about you limits and what is reasonable for an itty bitty stomach that has been shrunk over 4 days with a liquid diet. *SIGH*. This kind of thing is all experiential learning, you don't figure this out until you have walked down the path. Doesn't help that you have suffered through your own flus, etc. It is different when it is your babe, and you know they will eat when they are ready, and all the rest of that... it is hard letting go in that sense and just concentrating on getting the fluids in, and cleaning up the messes when they happen.

So, when I have a chance I will attempt to update the last few weeks...

Or maybe I will quickly paraphrase and if I get back there, great...

Grapples. Stay away from the Frankenfruit. They are gala apples injected with grape juice. Avoid.

Victoria was great - but bloody hell if it wasn't like winter when we were there. When we went up island we woke up with 4 inches of the white stuff the saturday morning we were going to spend on the beach.

New job is good. My presentation went well - stressful.

Man, April has kicked my ass.

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Anonymous said...

Poor B and the flu. We *knock on wood* haven't had a bad one in a year now. Had a bit of one in early Jan, but it was more me that got hit by it thankfully. It just plain sucks when your kid is sick, no other way to describe it.

With you on the grapples....

How was the AGM? Some days I miss that old life, others not so much!

(I updated my blog