Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Yesterday's news

Well, I drank some guinness and wore some green, had some shepard's pie, my son got a lucky green coin, I made some lucky shamrock cookies, and thus passed a St. Paddy's day for us!

This morning, I am feeling like yesterday's news. One of the first things I was told this morning was to not come to today's peer meeting. Er. Um. Thanks! I guess don't let that door hit me on the way out, eh? Ah well, it usually lasts for 2 hours, they are drawn out meetings, and frankly, perhaps not such a bad thing that I am released from going! Half the time I am counting ceiling tiles, and the other half I am watching one of my coworkers to see if they are going to fall asleep! It just makes me feel a wee bit odd inside, I am already feeling excluded.

I am the one choosing to leave, and I know they did what they could to try to keep me, but sometimes it isn't about the short term, you have to take the long view and the long term benefits of the new place are superior.

I keep getting asked whether or not I am excited about going - I am, but I haven't even gone there mentally. I guess when it is in your face and you don't go to a staff meeting and stuff envelopes instead, it is pretty obvious you aren't "in" anymore, and I guess it is becoming more real for me. It'll be strange walking the halls where I once went to school - I am actually being paid to be there now! Things are the same (like the funky old smell in the older elevators) and they are different too - I'm still me, but I have grown up too. It doesn't feel as unknown as this job change to my current position was. I am going back to more familiar ground, literally and figuratively. I will be the new kid in town again though, and hopefully it will be a good fit for me there with all their personalities. I hope that if I am really sharing an office, that it works out. I am sure I will make it work, whatever it is... change is good. LOL... that is my mantra. Just feels like a lot of change in the last year.

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