Thursday, March 20, 2008

First day of spring?

Damn this year is already going fast.

There are times this week that I really feel like the odd ball, and other times where I am pretty aware that I will be missed. Then there are the things that I really won't miss (like doors being slammed when I (or anyone else for that matter) is being too loud). It is like being on holidays... for the whole trip you really don't want to go home until you reach that very last day and then you start to think about your own bed, and everything you left behind.. somehow on the last day it is ok go to home. It has been like that here - making the decision was hard, telling everyone really sucked because being the bearer of bad news is never easy, especially when you know that even though it was "contact" they were trying to keep you... (but there is a BIG difference between being temporary for a year and three years, surprise surprise). Now, it is more like being in limbo.

Cleaning out your office, and scouring your work PC is a weird experience. Packing everything in to a box, and deleting all those files, erasing your presence. It's easier since I haven't been here forever, but I park the car a damn long way away so it is a pain in the ass to get everything back to the car unless I want to drive it around and park out front.

I guess enough whining - the change will be good, and I am really excited about the new job. There should be some good synergy, and hopefully my learning curve won't be too steep. Or at least interesting. At our AGM in a few weeks I get to do a presentation, so I am sure that will keep me somewhat busy!

I am GLAD we have a long weekend. Doesn't feel like it should be Easter already, WTF? We are doing a quickie roadtrip to Kelowna, and a turkey with the folks on Sunday... I will only be at work 2 days next week, so I am sure I will finally chase the dust bunnies around the house, and hopefully work my way through a spring cleaning. We can't use our shed. It needs help.

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