Tuesday, February 26, 2008

cranky pants... again!

Ever have one of those days where you can't decide whether or not you are in a bad mood? I had one of those today. Amazing how much it helps to head to the gym, even if it is for my piddly little 1/2 hour on either the rowing machine or the elliptical, to just be physical. Turn off that brain for a while.

Work is intense, I am reading a lot of files, and a lot of stories, and some make me emphasize for the person and make me wish I could help them out more, and others make me cringe, or make me angry that someone would have the kahunas to ask for more in the position that they come from. It takes all kinds, and that comes out of the stack. But after a few hours of reading these files, and then cross referencing them on my computer, I am done. My attention span is shot, and I start to look for distractions. Then I look at the boxes that are left to assess, and I am grateful we have a professional development day tomorrow, although that just delays the inevitable.

I am getting in some quiet time at nights - although I am alternating between one late night, and one night where I am a lame ass and I am asleep shortly after 9. What the hell happened to those nights when I was up all night long (even if it was just reading) and then getting ready to go to work the next day and do it all over again? Those days are long gone. I am fantasizing about sleeping in until 8, and the longer days, and hopefully more sunshine so we can spend more time outside.

I had a moment deserving of a stupid sign today. I figured I would treat myself to a mocha since I was dragging my ass all over the place after I worked out, and I brought along my travel mug. I had the lid in my hand, and grabbed the first mocha that came up, forgetting that there could possibly be a similar one ordered right before mine, and not in a traveler. I didn't notice, and went to walk out, and well, I put the mug lid right smack in to the whipping cream topping and made a helluva mess. I didn't swear out loud for once, but I felt like a tool standing there with my mug lid in the cream, my hands all sticky, realizing that I left my mug behind me (it wasn't even ready yet!!!! the nerve of me!!), and well, took someone else's drink and already started in on it. The gals at the counter were good, but I feel really sheepish about the whole thing. That will teach me eh?

I also want to complete the practicum component of a program that I started just over 2 years ago. I need to have everything handed in by the 15th, and the days are slipping by too damn quickly. I have some release time at work to get'er done... but the other damn job needs to get put to bed. Quickly. So I can do what I want to do. LOL. I am keeping lists at work, and I think that is the only thing that is keeping it all together for me right now.

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