Thursday, February 21, 2008

It seems to me..

I have been lucky to write a post a week over the last year, and even that at times has been a stretch.

O M G. I have an almost 19 month old. When the hell did that happen?

I think I have been exceptionally klutzy this week. I have bruises. The whopper on my ankle from hockey, the one on my arm where I ran into something, a good one on my hand, sore spots on my back. Another one on my leg, I am not sure where from.

Once again, TGIF in a few hours. It's been a long week, especially for a short one. Especially one in which the monday was the best day of the week!!!

Just about done my book - it has been great and I would recommend it, even if the book is popular. Which gets me thinking, why is it when someone or something or a group becomes popular, the thought rises, that perhaps theis success makes them a sell out? For instance, my brother used to like Green Day, until they made it. I never stopped liking them, tending to buck trends. Or when plaid was in, well, it was strange to be in for a while, but then plaid faded off in to the sunset again, or when everyone wore doc martens, I stayed true because they are a damn good shoe, I just wish they made more girly boots that we could have access to up here in Canada Eh? But, I must admit, when something becomes "the next big thing" I am a bit leery. I was surprised when I was hooked by The Da Vinci c0de back in the day because it was almost too popular, or to discover that the HP books/movies were great too. What is it about success? We all crave it, but when others get it, we tend to react to it? Ah, funny human emotions.

It is quiet again. I made cookies. Chatted on the phone a bit. Cleaned the floor. It's been nice. Who knew these moments of domesticity could be just that?

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