Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Since when did we become the Metro Vancouver area?

I don't like it. I have no idea why, but hearing the GVRD described as the Metro-V area irks me something fierce. Yes, it does seem like endless urban area leading in to never ending burbs if you drive in a line leaving the city and heading out towards the valley, but there are differences! It seems like a label that wipes out those differences and lumps everything together. That's my 25 cents worth of ranting for the moment.

Thanks for the notes after the last post - funny how some times it is assuring to check in, get a bit of a pulse, and just do a looky-loo in to the ether. I appreciated it.

I am currently reading Eat, Love, Pray and I am enjoying it quite a bit for the most part. Some parts really resonate, other parts barely stick, and other parts get me thinking. In the first part, Liz talks about being a "good soldier" and my mind spun off considering that. I guess I have been a "good soldier" too - trying to be a good wife, mom, daughter, friend, worker, friend to the environment, pursuing a lot of education, keeping up on monthly payments, making sure I vote, making sure we eat enough vegetables, making sure things are put back in order, trying to be a conscious individual... all that other stuff. Sometimes it is exhausting. What does it amount to at the end of the day? Then there are the parts that are rebellious - when things slide at home (keeping things neat as a pin) and you let it go, driving my SUV, the love of the road trip, bucking the system in little ways, sneaking in moments to read, or to have good belly laughs... I have no point here, just that it is an interesting thought when you delve in to responsibility, how you wear that mantle, and when you have to shake it off and break free... I guess in a roundabout way it comes down to balance, and being aware of all those roles and hats you were during the course of the day, and when you throw them down and search out your own "I statements" and continue to learn about what makes you tick.

For someone that normally strays away from memoirs and autobiography, I seem to have been delving in to a few of them lately!

Ken's head is still throbbing, I actually got to play hockey last Friday night (and amazed everyone that I could still skate and had not gone to pot, so to speak)... I am still getting out to the gym at lunch - although the last few weeks I have been lucky to make it once during the week....


Nicole said...

We became Metro Vancouver awhile ago. If you really want, I can dig up the date at work. :)

The more I read about Eat, Pray, Love, the more I think I should read it.

Kazzy said...

I think that I have been in denial for a while about the new term.... how is the new guy to work for??? as dynamic as the last one??

E P L is worth the time to read it... plus you are a damn quick reader too.. I am still in the middle section (stalled out a bit, and who knew, I actually need to go to bed earlier now.. LOL)

Nicole said...

Oh, I don't work for Metro Vancouver. :) Hopefully we'll get a "new guy" in December, though.

:crosses fingers: