Sunday, April 2, 2006

We get to sleep in our own bed tonight!!

Home. At last.

Although I still have the urge to unplug the phone, and well, not really check my emails or our bank statements either. The last two weeks have gone by at a breakneck speed and going to work is going to be a rude awakening tomorrow... I don't think my head is out of the clouds yet, or my feet back on the ground, or my attention span returning to normal yet. I almost feel silent, and somewhat centred in myself. I know I will do lots of talking at work tomorrow, and reliving the moments, and I guess I just want to hold it in a little longer, process it more, enjoy it more..

Our honeymoon was everything it should be. Ocean Shores, WA is beautiful. Especially in the off season when you don't have to compete with everyone and the prices are not so bad. Lots of driving on the beach, eating, sleeping, having jacuzzi bathtubs, and you know, being newlyweds. It was awesome. I could sit or walk on the beach for hours, just watching, and listening, being together, and taking it all in. We both so needed to get away, to take a breather, to take time for us, to hold hands and be a couple, to be only distracted by each other and decisions like what should we eat tonight...

Most anti-climatic event was our hotel stay last night in Mt. Vernon - the tulips are not even close to being up and ready, and all but one daff field has packed it in. Our hotel was just "average" and that is pushing it. I am going to be writing two letters... one to our hotel in Ocean Shores where the service was fantastic, and then to the one last night - where it was the complete other end of the spectrum. If the worst thing that happened was a not nearly as nice night in a hotel for a night on our 'moon, well, life could be way worse.

Got our rental car back at a decent time so saved a day rental and a day or parking for the beast... successful mission to get new tires and some new duds at the mall before we headed back for the border. We have some nice pics from our trip, haven't seen the ones from the wedding yet. I can't believe it was only a week ago - it feels like a lifetime ago.

Ya hoo!! Get to sleep in our own bed tonight - amazing how once you are on the last day of your holidays, you think about the good sleep you will have once you are back in your own environment. Cats aren't making strange with us anymore, and well, the fish are well fed and none disappeared to the voracious Rambo - king of the cichlids so all is good in our universe tonight.

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