Monday, April 24, 2006

A very quick rant

Dealing with people can be the highlight of your day or a reason why you have cats and dogs, or a reason to drink, but that was a few months ago - not now during my "dry period" (although there is something to be said about the extra dry apple soft cider out there).

I despise it when you clearly articulate a piece of information to someone, and then they repeat a question to you, or ask another question which clearly indicates they didn't listen to you in the first place. Then you parrot the information back, to which the person responds by asking the same question in a slightly different way. Could be because the person doesn't like the answer you gave them

Why spend the effort in asking if you aren't willing to listen? Or even glossing over responses on paper/email and then asking a question that was already covered? Bizarre stuff. So, can you tell I was just presented with a very grating example of this that prompted this quiet response... makes me want to hand the person a stupid sign or something.


Sarah and Wyatt said...

You wouldn't be talking about *gasp* students..... hee hee...... That drives me crazy. But what it even worse is when they come back when you aren't there to see if your coworker will give them the same answer! And sadly I do know somewhere where they have gotten different answers....

Kazza said...

You nailed it exactly :]

I find that with so much policy to know, I always do a disclaimer that my answers may be different than other people's but here is where you can check up on me. This tends to be a bit persuasive!