Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Today marks our successful first month of marriage. I can't say that anything is drastically different, except that we have some great memories and some amazing gifts and pictures.

Today also marks the beginning of the third trimester and being 28 weeks pregnant. I am definitely starting to feel more preggers, and am starting to show. I feel pretty good overall, but I do get tired a lot quicker than I used to which is something to get used too. I think my biggest battle is with body image, getting used to a different me, and a me in which people are looking and touching on occaison your belly for a whole new set of reasons. I feel like spring - blooming in to something different and new too.

I'm reading more, mindless thrillers and suspenseful crime novels. A few more academic ones thrown in for good measure. I keep being told to do as much reading as I can now, since apparently it won't be happening much in the next year. Everyone has some kind of advice to give, some makes sense, some floats through one ear and straight out the next. Still just going through stuff, now it is my desk at work and clearing out all the old papers that have accumulated over time. Amazing that when you get some stuff it is so important to hold on to and then you look at it three years later and the biggest decision is between recycling it or shredding it.


Shana said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

I run a website that lists pregnant bloggers. I have added your blog to the due date listings. If you would like for me to remove the link to your blog or if I need to correct any information, please do let me know. The site URL is http://babyblogorama.net and my e-mail address is my3monkeys at gmail dot com.

Thanks, and congrats again!

Refinnej said...

The reading thing...you might find you can breastfeed and read at the same time. LOL That's what I did!! Oh, I also cross-stitched a hell of a lot while my kids were attached to my chest...