Sunday, April 16, 2006

Hoppy Easter!

Amazing what a little bit of a lie in bed, the sunday paper, and then having a fabulous breakfast made for you can do to/for your overall constitution!!

That and finding something from the Easter Bunny!! (will forever be a kid)

Took a long while to work out that funk on thursday - it didn't get better until dinner time, and it was a 2 hour (should have been no more than 45 mins) journey home on the local transit system, and then a slight mix up in where I was going to be picked up and then a few other delays until I was so grateful just to be home it was all I could do not to cry. But, that is already 4 days in the past!

Hockey, hockey, hockey. Ken's playoffs started on Thursday and his team kicked some ass. Then it was time to be a superfan for a Co-Ed tourney that the Crush were playing in. I miss playing like crazy, but it is still great to be a part of it all. Our Friday Night Hockey games are a part of the fabric of our lives :] Team played well but against teams that were stacked to play in the tournament, and we experienced some bad refereeing. One team was stacked with all under 20 year olds who play rep and/or junior hockey and/or upper level ringette. Yup, you guys look like superstars playing against people twice your age that just want to have fun. Fun we did have, nothing like making daquiri's in the dressing room. The Righteous Regan brought their blender and made me an awesome Powerade Slurpee! Now that is tourney hockey!!!

Our record wasn't nearly as good as the company, and then we went to friends in Deep Cove to eat, drink, and be merry. Their view is amazing and there are times that living here on the West Coast that the natural beauty takes my breath away. Drive home was interesting - went through one of the worst hailstorms we have ever been through - highway was white immediately, and the cacophony of sound was deafening. I stuck my hand out the window and those little hailstones hurt. Five minutes later, it was all in the past, and we were back in 2 wheel drive and making the turn to home?!


Tai said...

Don't you just LOVE life on the West Coast?!!

Kazza said...

YES. Born and raised and I couldn't imagine living anywhere else.

More I see, the more I love it here. Of course, the older I get the less I need the city, which gets me out in to the beautiful and wild places more!