Saturday, April 22, 2006

Back from the Island..

A short but sweet trip, and always nice to come back home again to the comforts that you always miss when you are away.

Wednesday night my mom and I had a fabulous dinner at the local irish pub - I had the halibut n'chips and it was like candy. Granted, I can't eat like I used to so I was stuffed to the gills and very happy to get back to our hotel and put on my pj's for the night. Our room was amazing - it was right on the point in Victoria where if you looked to the right you had a view of the Inner Harbour and the Parliament Buildings and if you looked left you could see the outer harbour and all the comings and goings. The one thing I forgot about this hotel is how noisy it can be - there are float planes arriving/departing every 5 minutes!!!

Conference was a typical conference, some good presenters and some really dull presenters. I think I made figeting a fine art, and pretty much excused myself on the hour for the loo. Thursday night we had dinner with Sarah and Wy and it was phenomenal. We did take out from the Noodle Box in Chinatown and although I was a little dubious to start, who can resist takeout in the little boxes with chopsticks? My green curry was amazing, and we all chilled, swapped baby stories, and just enjoyed each other's company. Time always goes too fast, but hey, that means you really look forward to next time, right? I can't believe how much Wy has grown, he is 5 months, a strapping young lad and laughing and gurgling and really strong. A real eye opener of what I might be able to expect about Christmastime...

We had a half day friday, and then it was off to trade in some books so I could come home with some new ones to read. I figured that I was really going to town by bringing in two bulging bags worth, but was disuaded of this fact when I was told the guy before me brought in 6 boxes!! The best place I have found to take back books, get your store credit, and then go and explore their huge selection of used and new books. I highly recommend these folks to all book lovers!!!

Another meal at the Irish Pub (where I was once again DRY. Ah, the temptation of strongbows and guinness, but I resisted. Where is this strength coming from? Ah yes, it is an easy no-brainer as far as I am concerned!) and a drive through Beacon Hill park. The flowers are all starting to bloom and then parking along Dallas Road to watched the 'surfers and dog walkers, and the Olympic Mountains across the way, and the sparkling blue waters clutching my single coffee for the day.

Then home!! Then time for the Crush game... It was Regan's last game :< style="color: rgb(255, 102, 0);">Original Crush Forming Members (even I came along in the third year of Crush Existence) left. It was a quiet night, and the team finished the game off with more a sputter rather than a roar. It will be strange not having Kev and Regan around - times like this you realize how much you value friendships in your life, and your routines, and when you connect with certain people. Once again, I thank the gods for the net!!! They depart to the far east, and it is a helluva opportunity for them both, but they will be missed!!!

Phew. I think I am almost caught up with everything?!! I am sure I will think of a few other things as the day wears on...

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Sarah and Wyatt said...

It was great to see you the other day! Got a chance to look at your wedding pictures. You looked GORGEOUS. Like a princess. What a wonderful day it seemed to be!