Wednesday, April 5, 2006


Normally I have a lot more energy than the average person. I am not really just saying that, it kind of has always been that way. I push time, trying to squeak out as much as I can in on any given day. I have gotten a bit better about this - trying to not take life at such a crazy pace, to not schedule so many things to happen on one day, to not compress time or seeing people in to unreasonable time slots, and to making an honest effort to showing up "on time". When I hook up with friends and people I care about, I really want to be there "in the moment" not looking forward to the next set of plans, freeing myself to enjoy the present moment as much as I can. Now. Not later. I remember being so tired at times when I was younger, when I was trying to do too many things, almost afraid I wouldn't get everything done or tried before my time was up for the day...

So, to end that part of the ramble somewhat quickly, I can't get over how tired I have been in the last few days. Last night, I flaked out on the couch. Apparently I was *gasp* even snoring. After a few nudges to hit the sack, I finally made my way to my nightly ablutions and then to bed. That little adrenaline burst didn't last long.

Decent night's sleep, figured I was good to go today. By about 3pm today, got that gritty eye feeling and I am sure that if I would have allowed myself to get too comfy on the couch, or have sat down for long enough, I would have been out cold again. So here I am, getting a few words in and plotting to have a shower momentarily and hitting the sack before 10 pm (again).

This is really new for me. Bed at a decent hour? Willingly? Funny the things that seem to change when you are expecting. Between the leaks and the creaks, I didn't think I would be tired now... isn't second semester the energy time? I should give myself a bit of a break - between the wedding, and the course I took, and trying to keep our place in a reasonable state of affairs, and then back at work, I feel pretty tapped out.

Did you catch that one?? I said semester and not trimester. Guess who has spent too much time in post secondary education??? Now that is funny as hell.


Refinnej said...

I KNEW you should have called this blog something with "student" in the name.

Laughing my internet ASS off atcha, babe.

Gilly said...

Hahah! You almost got me!
A friend of mine who was pregnant a few years back was constantly taking naps in the afternoon after her shift and WAS still in bed by 9pm. Maybe it's your body's way of preparing for sleepless nights when the babe comes?!

Regan said...

I'm not alone!!! I always refer to life passing by in semesters... people make fun of me, but that it how one gauges time when one is employed by an academic institution!

Sarah and Wyatt said...

I waited a whole nine months to feel all that energy people tell you you are going to get. Never happened. In fact, Wyatt is now just about five months old and I am still waiting!