Saturday, April 8, 2006

Dirt under my nails...

I love spring. There are birds that start to chirp before the sun comes up, and it is a much better sound to wake up to rather than a screeching alarm clock.

I can't believe it has been two weeks since I got married. Nope, nothing feels different, except for the fact that we are going to have a baby and are well over halfway there!!! Amazing how goal orientated we are, no matter how big of an event one thing is in your life, as soon as it is done, you can reflect on it but you are already moving forward to the next thing again. So far, we have only seen a few of the wedding shots, so nothing really to post yet. Our honeymoon pics were good, something else I will get around to posting.

Haven't had a lot of time to just sit and reflect on the wedding, and the whole day yet. It feels like a series of snapshots in my head, moments that seem to stick out more than other moments... like not having the jitters, like worrying about if there was enough of everything, how the decorating would come together since I did have everything ready and my superstar friend C took over the rest! They did such an amazing job - it was a beautiful environment to get married in. Looking back, I am glad everything happened in one place. A church wedding was not in my cards. That would have been wrong. Especially given my somewhat eclectic and scattered beliefs. I am so grateful for the hour we took doing our pictures, and goofing off, and being a diva for the camera, and just laughing and enjoying the dress, and feeling beautiful, and looking at my man all dressed up. It was surreal at the wedding when people would clink glasses, and it was for us!

I feel like there are so many people that I should have been talking to in the last few weeks, thanking, and just touching base with. I have been so bagged, overwhelmed, and just plain old fashioned busy and/or talked out, sometimes there just haven't been the words to dredge up.

The Crush game was decent last night, I "coached" from the behind the bench (read opening and closing the doors for everyone). I love my team. I really miss playing hockey and being a part of it all. Even the smell of the ice, and the feeling as you first step foot on the ice to go for your warm up skate and know you are a warrior in all your get up, and you are hitting the ice for your next battle. It feels weird to watch everyone else play, and have fun, and get frustrated, and go for the highlight reel goals! It helped to stick with the girls before and after the game, rather than just hanging upstairs, feeling like an interloper that was just an armchair quarterback. This is the hardest part about being pregnant - how your rules change (for the time being). How you have to adjust to this new life inside of you, and take care of both of you since you are not alone anymore. This is not a negative thing, just the way it is. This is part of the reason that pregnancy is 40 weeks long, the changes are gradual but happening all the time, getting you ready for the big day. The changes are frankly phenomenal but I was just out in the garden, and I was really aware of how far and hard I would push myself today... how much time I would give to being hot and sweaty and panting and moving dirt and ridding the backyard of nasty weeds. As I am here, and not out there tells you that my morning of backyard labour is done. But is sure as hell felt good. I can't believe I have osteo-daisies that have come back from last year!! And they are blooming already.. see, give nature a chance and she does the most amazing things for you.

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