Sunday, April 30, 2006

Recurrent themes

Some people talk about the infamous "baby brain" when you are pregnant, but it seems that for me what pregnancy has brought me is the ability to let go of things with great clarity. This is the umpteenth post in which I declare that I have continued the process and am getting rid of more stuff. Really, we are not that cluttered, but I have a lot of stuff that I have held on to for years.. the clothes from the 80s and being a teenager, and then papers (and books) that have accumulated.. especially since I got a filing cabinet 5 years ago. It was such a great idea at the time, I quickly filled up 2 drawers, and then aside from updating about 10-15 files a year, promptly forgot about the rest.

Well, a bag of shredding, and three recycling bags later, I think we are almost at the end of the "holding on to useless shreds of paper" part of the day. Granted, I am sure all I need to do is turn my back and they will start to accumulate again, at least I have a handle on this stuff now and after this weekend, maybe now we can think of converting the hockey gear storage/computer room in to something that more resembles 1/3 adult space, 2/3s baby space.

Weekend of running errands, laying low, and just being together. It has been really nice. Was bagged from the week, and just needed time to chill in my own place. Got a smoking deal on a king sized duvet, with $75 in coupon savings, which I am pretty stoked about. Picked up some bedding plants today, time to bring more colour to the backyard. Once again, I think weekend hours travel at twice the speed of work hours. It is a conspiracy I am sure.

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