Monday, May 1, 2006

Ridiculously Healthy

Eye opening experience this morning - freezing needles for dental work when one has abcesses or just some inflammed areas is way worse than getting a shot in the arm. Rogam shot was a walk in the park compared to the dental work I have gone through in the last 8 weeks, and truly, neither has been that bad, all things considered.

Well, that was the sound of 28 weeks passing me by. I continue to get a great bill of health. No gestational diabetes (YAYAYAYAY!!!) and everything else is right in the normal range. The heartbeat is loud and strong, and the baby is doing great. Doc doesn't wamt to see me for another 4 weeks, and it looks like the baby is in a good position so breech should be out of the question (another YAYAYAYAY!!).

So, I feel good, contented. Appointments went well, everything is as it should be, spent time with my honey and MIL, spent time in the garden, and enjoyed the wind that seemed to be whipping through the trees all day.

Seems like Refinnej got stuck in some snow today - ironically so did we!! Kinda that it. West Coast style. *AHEM* Going through town today we had the same problem - only for us it was blue skies and pink snow blowing across the sky and tumbling down the road. Not nearly as dramatic as the cold and wet stuff but really pretty.

Time to have a bath with a good book, and call it a day.


Tai said...

That windstorm was's a pity that all the blossoms are gone off the trees so quickly.

Kazza said...

I agree - I love the magnolia trees, and the cherry blossoms, and the fruit tree blossoms... but it seems like a few great gusts of wind and it is soyonara.. *SIGH*

Older I get the more I love spring