Monday, May 8, 2006

The weather

Amazing. Monday to friday it is absolutely gorgeous out, and then saturday morning you wake up to angry storm clouds and rain. Sunday was also quite miserable first thing, so that ixnayed a trip out to the flea market to load up on more plants.

At least the rain didn't last all day. I went with my folks to visit my gran on the Sunshine Coast and it ended up being a really nice trip by the end of the day. One thing about being on the coast is that weather can really move. Granted, I *almost* had a moment at lunch, when it took over an hour for our food to come up and it had been about 3 hours since my last snack, just at that moment of getting up to assert myself (and get something to eat in a restaurant, imagine that) the food came out. It was almost worth the wait, but a lesson to carry trail mix in zee old purse from here on out for those moments of hunger!

Other than that, the weekend went by way too quickly again. WOOSH. And back at monday again, and waking to a beautiful sunny day. You have to laugh, and it is amazing about how much of a pick me up it is when you know on your breaks you can go sit outside with your book and just enjoy a few moments out in the sun. Freckle time!


Cher said...

Speaking of books- just finished the Kite Runner- what an amazing read- loved it! Have you read it??
Yahoo for freckles- I got so many more when I was pregnant- it seemed that my skin became extra senstive to the sun :}

Kazza said...

Kite Runner was an excellent book!! It really was something all together different and welcome..

My skin has just been bizarre. Some nice pink flare ups, and then my skin seems really dry too. AH well.