Wednesday, May 10, 2006


It seems like this is the week for leg related injuries. Getting out of the truck yesterday I tweaked my knee (heard some lovely crunching) and it hurt. It is a bit of a trick knee now.. sometimes I can jerk it around a few times and it seems like whatever happened in the odd moment of twisting resolves itself and the pain leaves. Well, it didn't this time I am sure I gave myself something akin to "knee lash" and I spent the rest of the day hopping and waddling along. Hence the name of this post, the "hopawaddle" which apparently I have down to a fine art. Combine this with a sore hip, and just generally feeling out of wack, and you just know your work day is going to be on par with the rest of you. Got home, made one with my couch, and just didn't do much of anything.

This morning, something released in my knee and I am feeling a lot better. I don't feel twice my age anymore! Days are flying by, week 30 already and I have less than 30 days left of work!! YAYAYAYAY. If all goes right, shopping trip for some odds and ends to start getting the baby's and computer room ready will happen in the next few days. Ken always laughs, these late night excursions (I like to go after 8pm on a week night) usually mean that he gets to spend the rest of the night putting furniture together :]

My get up and go has gotten up and left.

By the end of the day I can easily become one with my couch and say forget the rest. House doesn't stay perfect for long right now after the big cleans!

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