Friday, June 30, 2006

Schools Out

Today feels like the last day of Grade 12. After today I am a free bird!! Well, it is all relative, but since I don't have any other kids, and there is that unknown factor, like wow!!! Next week is my week, and the one after that, and... until bubs makes their arrival! Not unlike leaving high school, there is this vast unknown that other people have a clue about, and well, we are just on the cusp of knowing!

Only a few more hours of work. This week has felt like a swan's song. If last week was a complete and utter slog, this week I have found some kind of place where water is rolling off of my back and I am just enjoying the longer lunches, and wrapping things up, and just getting ready to head out! It feels weird because I haven't quit, but I will be totally removed for a year, a year in which everything is going to shift within me. It is weird saying good bye to some people, and knowing that although you are coming back, things will change.

So a time to wax philosophical. I don't really have a must do list for the next few weeks, I would like to do some gardening, and some cleaning (nesting instinct is starting to kick in), some knitting, and reading, and perhaps just fritter away the time! Getting ready for baby, maybe get some wedding photos printed (which we still haven't done), oh yeah.. maybe get the thank yous out too... maybe I shouldn't think about this right now because now I am adding to my list!!!

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Sarah and Wyatt said...

Yippee for being done work! If you want to do something fun with your wedding pictures, you should make a video of them on One True Media. Super easy to use and free. Then you can post it on your blog and/or send it to all your friends. You can even upload your own music choices to add to it.