Tuesday, June 27, 2006

3 more days!

The end is nigh!

It was strange coming in to work today. I stripped all my posters and jokes from the walls, and cleaned off all my stuff from my work computer. I went through computer disks that dated well back in to the 90's and I think that I burned 30 disks worth of stuff on to 2 CDs. Put things in to perspective about storage space eh?

Training has been a bizarre experience, but my lunch dates with a few friends from work have been great! It has been a good reminder of some of the wonderful women that I work with in different areas of the workplace. 3 more days of work, and I can't wait for the air con to kick in.

It is damn hot. And humid. And I sweat. I see the investment of a kiddie pool in my future to spend time in over the next few weeks. Although it is beautiful, it is definitely warm enough to be uncomfortable.

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