Saturday, June 3, 2006

Strange Day

It was definitely a morning I was resisting getting out of bed...enough mornings this week where 6am was the norm that saturday didn't need to be too!!

Mosied through the morning, packed the car for the day, and headed out. Started out with a BBQ on the beach with Ken's cousin and g'friend, and then we were heading out to a birthday bash and then to Ken's hockey game. Well, a nefarious bug that decided to bite DH on thursday decided that he wasn't quite done with us yet and figured it was time to pay a return visit.

Hence, the change in plans. Here are fingers crossed that somehow with having a great diet, trying not to get run down, those prenatal vitamins I take daily with Vit. C that I avoid this bug altogether. I am currently enjoying a super healthy smoothie, puttering around the house, and thinking I may just have a bath soon. I know Ken is definitely sick because the b-ball game is on. Then again, it did put him to sleep so.....not altogether a bad thing. These things happen, just not exactly the plan we had!! We were so organized too!!!

Ah well, means we don't have to cut the lawn tomorrow, it just becomes laundry day and lets putter around the backyard! So much for the nights where you partied until 3am, and then when for something to eat before you headed home!!!

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