Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Just plain strange.

Today I slept in... that is... until 6am. Which is better than the last few days, which is waking up at 5am and staring at the ceiling and willing myself to fall back asleep.

It has been a strange few days. Ken really and truly has the flu and it is being persistant. Hard part is there is nothing I can do to make this flu go away quicker and he is being a real trooper but it is so obvious that he is not feeling well at all. *SIGH* I guess it has to run its course. So far so good for me, I am thankful for pregnancy hormones and kicking my immune system in to overdrive since my biggest issue is sleep right now! (fingers crossed)

I actually saw my first hummingbird last night - this small bird hovered outside our window, checking us out, and I think my jaw hinged open a bit. Ken confirmed that it was indeed a hummingbird, and it was so quick and really did seem to hover there. Amazing the birds and wee creatures that tromp through our backyard. My garden plot is starting to taunt me, it is time to get it planted...

Keeping motivation up at work is getting harder and harder every day. I am so aware of my last day, and it is coming up soon, that the day to day stuff is like "yeah, whatever". The break will do wonders for my soul, even if the only break that happens is the break away from "paid employment". I have even taken to scanning baby week flyers, and looking a baby clothes, and thinking wow, soon there will be three.

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Tai said...

As they say... 1 + 1 = 3!!