Sunday, June 11, 2006

Hurry up and wait

"Hurry up and the wait begins"

34.5 weeks along, and as my doc says, this is about where it is at. All is progressing as it should, I am really healthy, as is bubs. I have a definite baby bump now, and bending over to pick things up is becoming a challenge. It also blows my mind how quickly you can become winded as you get further along and the baby moves all your internal organs around at will. Take a set of stairs at a good clip = panting at the top. If pregnancy was about learning new limits before, it is taking on a whole new meaning now. Bubs should be the larger side of average, with a good, strong heartbeat. I get lots of kicks and nudges, and I am sure that when I am really busy, half of those strange movements go unnoticed.

I also can't get over the change in my overall energy levels. I really can't do as much in a day as I used to. Friday was my flex day, and oh yeah, a nap was so in the picture. And on saturday. Today I feel like I could nap, but I tried and it just wasn't going to happen albeit I am moving at a snail's pace. Motivation. What motivation?

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