Wednesday, June 21, 2006

More of the park...

The Ultimate Chow Line Up.

The many colours of green in a BC forest

Definitely feels like mid-week right now. I successfully made it through our planning day, even though there were a few moments were I caught myself watching the second hand move on the clock. Pathetic eh? I am not sure if I have truly reached the saturation point with my job (pretty close to the truth) but these last few work days are like torture. I say it now, in print, but before I have to come back, I will search my employers current postings to see what kind of lights there are in the tunnel for a change when I have to go back to work, a little over a year from now. Of course, this could be burnout talking, there are parts of my job that are rewarding, I am just having a hard time finding them right now. It is hard working in a smaller office with some really dominant personalities that are allowed to continually rampage, interrupt, and just generally tread over everyone else that gets to you after a while. I know my workplace is not unique in this - I think it is harder because I know there is an end in sight and that is what I am focused on, glossing over the moments in between, and really looking forward to a few lunches, and cleaning up stuff, and just feeling like I have done my part to leave things in good standing because that is how I am wired. Granted, sometimes I roll my eyes at myself when I look back and the only training manuals ever completed in my office have been done by me. What does that tell you about every one else?

Which makes days like Sunday more important. Nothing like getting out to nature to recharge your batteries and just do something completely different. I really value the quiet moments, and not just because of the ongoing changes that are happening. It has been a crazy year.

Speaking of which - monday I got a special treat. Two of my favourite ladies and young gals surprised me with a visit and not only did I get to see how amazing my husband is with three year olds, and got a few giggles from the gals at how green I am at handling newborns, it was so wonderful to see them. They brought a "newborn care pack" to help us get all sorted for when bubs comes. If I was a more emotional person, the tears would have been flowing easily. It was just what I needed, surrounded by love, and just welcoming for the baby we will be bringing in. It was also great to have some girl time - we don't get a lot of that. I thought that things would have calmed down after the wedding and we would have had more free time on weekends, but that hasn't been the case. Talk about a ramble that started out with pretty pictures and then darted around my chaotic week!

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