Friday, June 23, 2006


One more week to go for work. Today was my flex day, and grateful barely begins to decribe how I feel that I got to stay home today. All of my grandious plans of cleaning house, doing laundry, and puttering went promptly out the window when I cracked a book in bed shortly after Ken left for work.

It was a good read, nothing earth shattering, but good escapism. Well, between naps, love from my kitties, a few short trips to get sustenance, all of a sudden it was 3pm and not only had I finished a book, but had also managed to fritter most of the day away. Part of me says that I am lazy. The other, louder part right now says, damn, that felt good. You really must have needed it. For once, I am not going to argue with myself since I think at times my mood has done the funky chicken this week and taken me for a ride. What blows me away is that my eyes still have that grainy feel to them, like I could actually crawl back in to bed and sleep for a while longer. I am resisting its pull.

As I look down at my toes, I think, wow, so this is what 36 weeks pregnant looks like. Less than a month. Well, I figure I will go past my DD, but this is it. This is the home stretch. We have our prenatal class tomorrow, and well, things are motoring along. Most days the baby moves a lot, days where I am stressing at work, not so much. I don't feel huge and swollen (yet) but today, I am tired. I think you focus a lot on the pregnancy, and then the birth, and don't pay so much attention to the what happens after birth, although you know that will make the birth seem like just a blip on the radar (as earth shifting as it is for the individuals involved). We are pulling it together, but I think you deal with it step by step as you are ready (sortof)

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Tai said...

I think most of my 'been pregnant' friends would chime in here with the following advice:

That being said, even non-pregnant me still believes I deserve a day of lounging laziness, in bed with a good book.

Don't worry, it looks good on you!