Sunday, June 25, 2006

A glut of words

Looking at the past week, I have had no shortage of things to say. Funny how some weeks the blog is pretty lean, and other days it is just chock full o'just about everything!

Yesterday was a strange day to put it mildly. Woke up, got ready for prenatal, got in the car, looked my rings and discovered that the diamond and setting were missing from my engagement ring. I am sure I turned the whole range of colours in those 2 minutes, welled up with unshed tears, and was absolutely floored. I had had it the night before, and had really only been in the shower and the kitchen since waking to that point.

We didn't have a window of time to look for it, so off we went to the class. We did the prenatal "in a day" version, which suited us fine. Apparently only 30% of BC couples do it. That surprised both of us, and made me a little more grateful that Ken was willing to come, underscoring the fact that we are partners in this whole thing we call our lives. It was a good day, not so much the fear mongering that I was afraid of, but rather built our confidence up a bit, gave us some tools for the actual labour part, and it was neat to see other people at the same stage as us, and to see the variety of belly shapes and decisions about what one wants to know about their baby. It was amazing how many people had their names picked out! In my head I have a flexible birth plan, it will be interesting to see what my birth story will become.

Got home, searched the house, searched all logical places, searched the drain. Da nada. No diamond in its setting. What do you say? An engagement ring is a symbol of your love, and the turning point when you make that decision to get married. I guess for us, it was more of a symbol of our love, it wasn't the be all or the end all, there were no standards of what it had to be or had to look like, it had to be reasonable and simple but elegant lines. It also being custom made by a friend, we didn't think we would need to get it appraised w/in the first few months of ownership for insurance purposes, but here we are. When the setting only lasts that long, and I am not even playing hockey right now... I am at a loss to truly describe the range of emotions I felt about this, feel about this. Although looking at our matching wedding bands on our fingers, that is the part the really brings the smile on my face, the symbol of the day that we made a commitment to each other in front of our family and friends and spoke simple and meaningful words to each other. Not that I am saying I didn't love the engagement ring (I did) but at some point yesterday that part of the equation was removed. I have a naked ring that one day will be refurbished. I think that will take some time. I can't see replacing something like that when I had it in my possession for 3 months. There are so many other priorities in our lives, and when it comes right down to it, I don't need it to tell me or show me how much I love my guy or what we mean to each other. The life we have built around us is positive affirmation enough.

Needless to say, after all that emotional highs and lows I promptly went and had a nap.


Cher said...

Oh Karen! I am so sorry, but like you say it is not the ring that means something. And your love is stronger than any diamond setting will ever be!

Gilly said...

Aw Kazzy, that such terrible news! I remember how excited you were when you picked out the gem. Cyber hugs heading your way!