Thursday, June 4, 2009

Final days at work

Two days left. Where does the time go?

And we are in the middle of a heat wave. Last year at this time I was joking about Junuary, and this year, it is still 20 C at 2 in the morning. Of course I know this because that is one of the times in the night I am normally up for a biological break.

After this week's maternity appointment it hit me more than in a matter or days or weeks, we are going to have two kids. There are still a few things I feel the need to do before bubs is born too. I haven't cleaned and organized to my expectation, I am starting to feel that urge to nest and clean and put things in their place. I also want a few days next week to be me. Putter, figure stuff out, or just plain rest. I am getting tired.

So far so good, fundal height is steadily going up, blood pressure is good, I haven't really had a lot of swelling yet, and time is marching on.. that was monday, so I am now closer to 38 weeks than anything else. Time seemed to go so much slower with Brandon... now it feels like the days are just slipping by. I am not packed to go yet, and it feels like I am not as stressed about getting ready - in other words, truly, how are you ever ready?? You just do.

I think tonight I am going to pull out that "let's go get dinner at the dock" card because I am just done. Between the heat, and work, and life... I don't want to cook tonight. Someone else can.

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