Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The June Ritual

Since today isn't going to be the day, it is time to make some strawberry jam!

We headed to the valley to buy some fresh berries, direct from the farm, and although it would have been cool to have done the u-pick option, this was not the year. Even though the farm hadn't had it's official season opening, the line up was 10 deep the whole time we were there - it was surprising how many people were out to get their berries... Bought a 15 pound flat (mostly for us, some for my folks) and home we were bound. Ken and I made 4 batches of jam, I prefer the 500 ml size jars to each batch only made about 4 jars...

Just lovely. Amazing how much better the local berries taste - even if they are not as big and perfect and somewhat harder like the Californians are. Up to our elbows in strawberries and then made some angel food cake for fresh berries and ice cream tonight.. YUMMY!

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