Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Counting Days

It helps that this blog has been around for a few days.. I can look back at what I packed for the hospital last time, and the advice I got from some lovely ladies, and make sure that I am on track this time... I guess I am about where I was last time, it was about a week before my due date that I actually put together my hospital bag... after yesterday's appointment I figured that it was probably time to get a few things together - I think all I need to add is my nursing tank top and my slippers and I have it nailed. Simple stuff, not too much.

I think it will happen sometime over the weekend.

I have a harder time this time around seeing that bubs will stick around until 41 weeks..

I feel more ready that I did last week - I have done my puttering, there is food in the house, there are a few last minute bits and pieces I want to get done... I have had some solo time, I am glad that we paid for the month of June so Brandon could continue going to daycare (that has been a godsend, it has been nice to have had some time to just do stuff, and not just fritter away time playing jigzone either) weeks waiting. You don't get that luxury when you already have one child..

I feel the urge to make a list to make sure I use this time wisely - like maybe printing out some wedding pictures (aside from a handful, still haven't put together a wedding album) or organizing the pictures we do have on our hard drive... sounds like work!

Was a quick weekend - was really nice because I got to spend time all weekend at different times hanging with friends, and then Sunday got the news that Ken's mom was experiencing chest pains - hospital got her in quick, and she has already had an angiogram/angioplasty and a stent! Here are my fingers crossed for a speedy recovery and her just feeling better - scary is that an artery was 80% blocked!!! So far so good. Today will more than likely include a visit to her (depending on how long she will be in the hospital).

Life never happens in a vaccum - it keeps on rolling and things are always a'happening.

It's strange this time around, I don't think I will need to be induced (fingers crossed), but the hurry up and wait for a really significant life event to happen is pretty trippy.

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