Friday, July 7, 2006


That was the sound of my first week off, officially coming to an end.

I must reiterate. Time off goes by much quicker than does paid employment.

Just finished up my application for benefits. I must say, the people they have manning those offices certainly are not helpful. I wonder if they start off with lofty aspirations and then somewhere along the line get disenchanted and bitter. Everything is by the rules. There is no room for a personality. Free thinking. Lending a helping hand. No siree, just sign on the dotted line, and swallow any protests and get thee out of the office. Oh, did I mention that it is much more convenient to apply on-line?

We are well on the path to being sorted and ready to go. Will do a "baby" load of laundry today to get things rolling and perhaps organize the wardrobe a little, and get my bag packed for the hospital. It feels strange to plan that one. To know that within the next few weeks I will be going to the hospital. A place I have avoided like the plague up until now, and I am even packing an overnight bag to go with me! This whole pregnancy thing changes everything! LOL! I feel like I am perched on that edge of the ultimate "hurry up, and wait" since the timing is ultimately out of my hands. I am not huge and swollen and waddling around chanting "this needs to be over". Sometimes I catch myself wondering about the whole experience, what my birth story is going to look like, whether or not I will be able to excude an aura of calm in the midst of the chaos.

I am enjoying the quiet moments, still reading up a storm, and I have a few side projects which are demanding a little attention. It felt good to pick up some knitting supplies yesterday so I can work with my hands again. This should be another perk of being off for the next year, being able to start knitting again in stolen moments of time.

Kazzicus Domesticus strikes again!


Regan said...

You MUST take some pictures in profile and send them to me... I am missing out on all of the good bits!

Sarah and Wyatt said...

Me too! I want to see pictures of your baby belly!

Time sure does fly on leave. I can't believe I have been off work for just about 10 months. I am so glad I am taking the extra six months off, I wouldn't be ready to go back in September.

I can't wait to hear your birth story and to meet your little one. I think I may come over to Vancouver in August to see you and Inga. Will stay with her for a night or two, but will make sure it is at a time when I can come visit you for a bit.

You realize you are tempting fate by not having your bag packed........?