Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Incredible Bulk

Ok, so the title was something that popped in to my head that isn't completely true, but there are defininte moments where it feels like that! Especially when I am trying to roll in bed from one hip to the other.

At this point anything and everything is a sign that labour could be pending. Of course, I am feeling spry and lots of energy. AND I have been sleeping through the night the last three days without a wee break. This is just so not what I expected. Then again, it being a first baby, everything has been foreign territory to me.

I have time on my hands. It is strange to conceptualize projects and have some carry through time. It is a beautiful day out and I started my day with my PB&J and a fluffy book on the patio, and then I was all motivated to trim our laurel bush. WTF?! Ok, so I wasn't at it for a long time, just enough time to create another can of yard waste. It was only the part that is on the side of the driveway, and I was also motivated to get rid of the 10 foot long blackberry bramble that appeared overnight the other day. I figure if we are the ones using the alley with a skookum car, it was time to rid us of that bramble.

I have a sneaking suspicion it is going to get really hot over the next few days. Depending on when things start to happen, I can see myself wanting to go some body of water and go for a swim. Also making a mental note to keep my fluids up.

Shoes have been optional the last few months, and being at home I have to laugh at myself, I am truly barefoot and pregnant, running around in my trailer park sweat shorts and tank top. If you can't find amusement with yourself, what do you have left?

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Sarah and Wyatt said...

I am so jealous you are sleeping through the night. I haven't had a full nights sleep since last August! I had to pee at least three time a night from the last trimester onwards, and now am still up with Wyatt. Although we had a breakthrough last night, he slept from 8:30pm to 5am without waking up. That's definitely a good thing!

I would love to invite you over for a dip in my pool, but sadly that whole ferry ride/have to get to the hospital quickly thing would interfere with that! Maybe next time??? Then you can bring the wee babe too.

Must go take cranky boy for a car ride and get some Starbucks and not sit around reading blogs all day!