Wednesday, July 5, 2006

38 weeks....

Weekly trip to the doc this morning and all is well. The HB was loud and strong, and now that we have reached this stage.. it could be any time. General consensus is later rather than earlier, but this isn't exactly something I have any control over either.

I am feeling good, which continues to boggle my mind. I think I have been really lucky on this journey. I have been puttering around the house taking care of all these little projects that have been out there on the radar but I avoided during the last few weeks (er months, who am I kidding) waiting for when I would be off work. That I am off for the next stretch of time has and has not sunk in yet. I hope my energy levels stay where there are at (pretty reasonable) and that I do get a bit of time before the big event. It is in the quiet moments that you really get a chance to think about what is happening. Sometimes it is this surreal concept trying to plan for what you will need, or perhaps what baby thingeemebobs you are going to even want around the house.

And groceries... why is it that you run out of all the big stuff all at the same time? Between 2 big box stores I think we now have enough food to lay low for a few weeks... but I figured just in case - it was better to have the stuff that is harder to remember gotten! After shopping I treated myself to a cinnie-bun and a coffee, and chilled out with the paper. It felt like a few stolen moments, not rushing to be anywhere. I think this is one of those few times in a person's life where they have time, time they aren't sure how to fill, or at times, how to approach the fine art of relaxing (when you are used to going mach 4, it is a challenge believe it or not). If there is a second child, you don't have the same kind of time before the baby comes.

I am trying to think big - what things would be important to do in the next few days or weeks, aside from pleasure reading, and nesting, and catching up with a few folk... I don't think I will get that best selling novel written, but it is great to just have this time to reflect.

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