Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Packing for the hospital is a formidable task.

What the hell to bring? What will I want to wear? What will feel good after labour?

This is a strange task to undertake. Packing a diaper bag with baby goodies for the first time. What to bring, all that fun stuff. Oops, can't forget my flip flops, or some CDs to listen too, should I pass over important ID to Ken to bring with him that day, night, er? Having one set of stuff for the labour, and then another bag for after. And then how long will I be there? Is it like Survivver and I will want a comfort item? Will I care?

Answers to these burning questions will be revealed in a matter of time. LOL


Sarah and Wyatt said...

I packed one whole suitcase of stuff, and only ended up using my clothes to go home in, my toiletries and the outfit I took for Wyatt to go home in. The rest was never used - LOL. Other than the nipple cream.....

Refinnej said...

As with anything, you'll overpack. LOL

I recommend:
- comfy nightie of your own, in case they "let" you wear it
- wear the same clothes home you arrived in (they'll be most comfy)
- 1 or 2 outfits for baby (even if you have the dreaded c/s, Ken can bring more stuff if you're in longer)
- toiletries
- slippers

That's it.

Cher said...

Add to Jen's list nursing bra and nursing bra pads and that will be more than you will need!
After both C-sections I stayed in the hospital gowns and that was all I could muster!

Kazza said...

THANK YOU all for the suggestions my dear ladies, I am going to take them all to heart!! My bag is just about packed, and good call to just wear home what you wore in... makes life easy-peasy!

Ah yes, the bra pads. I won't forget those!! (although it seems to be one of the last things to get on my list...)