Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Due Date: Now.

I never knew this before, but this what 40 weeks pregnant looks like. Last night we had a great night out near the water's edge, munching down on some fish and chips, going for a relaxed pace walk, and then grabbing some gelato before heading home. What a great way to celebrate reaching our due date. Ok, it was completely selfish and all about us. It was great.

The countdown officially kicks off and it could be any day. I am feeling pretty good, and I suspect that the urge to start to do some cleaning is upon me. Either that or the fact I have been doing other things (like napping and grocery shopping) has distracted me enough that perhaps there are a few odds and ends I should try to take care of... in due time of course!


Cher said...

You look FABULOUS!!!!!

Sarah and Wyatt said...

Great shirt! LOL! And I second Cher's opinion - you do look FABULOUS!

Kazza said...

That shirt has been in HEAVY rotation the last few weeks!! *AHEM* How many different ways can I say thank you??

You guys are awesome for my ego!!!

Thanks babes!!!