Saturday, July 22, 2006

Damn Hot

It is hot.

Damn hot.

Last night I woke up in the middle of the night and the part of me that was touching the bed was hot. The fan wasn't helping. I couldn't imagine living in a climate where these temps were the norm. Give me four seasons and blustery days anytime.

We escaped the heat and went for a matinee that got us out of the heat for the bulk of the day. It was a great swash buckling adventure movie that was well worth what you pay for a summer adventure. Not exactly what I would call a deep movie, but it delivers what it promises.

Of course, walking out of the theatre was like hitting a wall of heat where I instantly started to perspire. I felt very much an overdue pregnant lady when we sauntered through the grocery store to grab the fixings for dinner, lingering in the meat section because it was just a little colder there.

If you haven't picked up on it yet, bubs is still hanging around - inside. No news, just the heat. We are also the new, proud owners of a kiddie pool. What is love? Love is going to three stores to find a kiddie pool for your pregnant, hot, and sweating wife who really needs some body of water available that they can cool down in.

Granted, said husband made fun of me when I was taking my sweet ass time dropping said body in to the pool because it was tap water and as such, a definite temperature adjustment.

I think a local kitten is attempting to adopt us. We are going to do some calls in the next few days to see if someone is missing their cat. Smart bugger too, but skinny, no tattoos, young... started hanging around last night and was just starved for food and affection. I hope it has a home and has just discovered a new place to get some loving.

Smells like a skunk has been in the neighborhood and marked some territory. Just looooovely between that and the cloying heat. Hopefully we do get a break temperature wise tonight, but I am not banking on it....

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Tai said...

Funny that you should mention skunks...I just wrote about them too!

This heat kinda makes you wish you could just park a chair in the meat department, doesn't it!