Friday, July 14, 2006

Hang Ups

One of the bonuses of being at home during the day is that you get to hear the calls that come in from telemarketers and the like that just never leave a message.

Of course, they start about 9am. My sleep patterns have continued to be nothing short of typically unusual and lately I have had issues falling asleep at anything that could even resemble a decent time, so I value the hours in the morning when I can sleep! First call happened about 9:15, then I got up about 10ish, and was "indisposed" for the next call. Which ironically enough ended up being someone I knew but who hung up as soon as the answering machine clicked in. Well, I couldn't have gotten there if I tried, and well, if ya'd leave a message, I would call ya back! Why wait for the answering machine, let the click and then the annoying noise record if you aren't willing to just leave a name? I of course could be wrong about it being someone I knew, but... the pattern has been a predictable one in the past from said person. I think I am almost making a point now of not returning calls if a message isn't left since that is the attitude I am kind of adopting for myself. If I call, even if I know you have call display (who doesn't have that at this point?) and if I don't leave a message, I don't really expect for you to call me back! Otherwise I would have done more than leave a digital footprint.

That brings me to a different edge of the same topic. It has been nice to lay low the last few weeks since I have been off. To have limited contact with the outside and just try to take all the changes in. I haven't really felt all that chatty or that social, and for no apparent reason. The last year has been such a frenetic pace that it is cool to hang about the house with my books, a small knitting project, keeping up on odds and ends, writing here and there, and somehow watching the days go by too quickly! I am feeling a bit squirrelly about committing myself to anything in the next few weeks because of the unknowns - I can't believe tuesday is my due date. I don't really feel all that different right now, except I definitely have a baby belly and it feels amazing to the touch and to feel the baby shifting around inside of me.

I think at this stage many moms-to-be turn inward (especially for the first time), soaking it all in, thinking about the upcoming changes, hoping that all the ts are crossed and i's dotted, and trying to enjoy as much one on one time with your partner as possible, even if it just holding hands together on the couch watching old movies... hoping that you have enough to just get through the first bits until you really know and learn what you will need to get through the rest.

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Sarah and Wyatt said...

I HATE telemarketers, and REALLY HATE it when they stalk you. I had someone phoning me for weeks, and I never answered as I very rarely answer unless I recognize the number on my call display. I finally answered so that they would stop harrassing me and it was my bank. I was pretty tempted to switch banks, but that would be too much hassle.