Thursday, February 3, 2011

We have two.. now two more!

Ahhhhhhh. Two of those troublesome teeth are in. Amazing, the wee guy's appetite is coming back, and his cheeks are not so flushed. Funny how that works.

It is only Thursday and it already feels like it should be Friday. At work I have been crunching numbers and looking at stats, and brainstorming some ideas of how I want the program I run to work... it has been brain numbing in some ways, frustrating, and then you just wonder how far to take your audit as well.

I think this weekend I am going to rearrange the furniture in the boys room and it is time to start the transition out of our room. It is time. I want my bed back. The boys need to be in their own room. It is also time to actually start to rotate toys, and not have so much stuff in their room, and tucked around all the corners of our wee place. I am there.

It has also been one of those weeks helpful souls tell me I look tired, and they can hear that I have been fighting a cold. I made the mistake of looking in a window on Tuesday.. and the outfit I was wearing did nothing for me - felt dumpy and frumpy for the rest of the day. Wednesday morning, that created a "five shirt" morning until I settled on the one I wanted to wear. *SIGH* Today I went for the Johnny Cash look (all black) and of course, I have toothpaste on the right, front. I seem to doing well in some ways, and just not in others.

I am also really enjoying the book that I am reading right now... but it is starting to go in a direction that I am a wee bit disappointed in, and I am not sure how it will all work out. I only have about 100 pages left, so it will be interesting how I feel once the last page is turned. It is a good read, will have to see if it stays a great read.

To continue on my really long ramble - I really can't wait to have our own place that we do not co-own. No sharing, no deals to be cut, no having to go and forth and make sure everyone is happy with how things are working out. No strata, and no tenants - this is what we are aiming for. It will be amazing - no more stressing and feeling like I am caught in the middle between people I love. At the end of the day, I am just trying to achieve what is best for us, what makes sense even if it isn't perfect, it is still an improvement of sorts. It helps knowing we are at a year, that things should start happening then, and we should be able to look for ourselves. It feels like an intoxicating dream - to know we can put down our own roots, and watch our kids grow, and plant some bulbs, and watch them grow, and fix up our place, the way that we want it. Yup, I am feeling a bit done where putting stuff like this down helps keep it in focus, or out of focus...

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