Thursday, February 17, 2011

We have a situation.

This morning I take my big guy over to my folks since my dad watches him on Thursdays, and my dad says "we have a situation."

First thing that runs through my head, is WTF?? I have no idea what this means, but there is something in the tone that I am not liking. Turns out that my gran is not doing so well and that the care home she is at has asked for palliative orders for her. Nothing like having this kind of conversation moments before you have to paste on a smile and head on in to work. My gran is 96, she has had a long and colourful life, and it is time. However, it doesn't make it any easier hearing that the time is actually almost near.

Folks found out last night, and it floored me they didn't call me last night. I don't get it - better to tell me in the morning when I come up to see them rather than call the night before and just give me some mental preparation? Out of all my relatives, my gran is one of my closest- even if I haven't seen so much of her in recent years (she lives on the island) doesn't mean my heart isn't there or that we haven't gone for visits when we could.

To say that I have been scattered today is putting it mildly. My first instinct is to drop everything and run to the island. I did call the centre, and the nurse said that she feels she still has some time (not a lot, but maybe weeks instead of days) and that the care centre is under lockdown because of Norwalk... so, waiting and see is about the only approach open to us at this point.

Such is life.

The day has gotten better from there - it has been snowing off and on, I just found out payroll did a data entry error that will cost us about $200, and I feel bloated.


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