Thursday, February 10, 2011

TGIF can't come soon enough

I am officially sitting around frittering away some time at the end of the day because I have run out of direction. It has been one of those wonky weeks - I have done lots of editing at work, and considering how things should be done, and been motivated to get lots done (and I have).. and it all seems to have vanished!

Last few nights have been rough - broken sleep, trying to get Connor to sleep in the other room, and then random cat accidents, and then watering the plants and then over-watering and the water leaks everywhere, to not getting all the laundry put away last Sunday and some of it is still in piles, to the pile of stuff on the kitchen floor that just keeps moving around the room.

I think it would help if both kids would be asleep by even 9:30.. and give me some time to just be. You know, to spend some time with my husband, read my book, watch some mindless TV. Do more than just go to work, make dinner, throw a kid in the tub, child herd a bit, sit on couch a little tired, and then herd them to bed... it is funny how some weeks are great and everything falls in to place, and other weeks you just struggle to find yourself in there.

I find the hardest thing of sticking around as my youngest falls is asleep is that once my guard is down, and even if I wasn't that tired at the beginning of the process, I am that tired by the end of. Yes, I know I could let him cry it out... but it just isn't all that appealing. I know eventually we will get there, but there are some days you just have to whinge a little about it.

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