Thursday, February 24, 2011

Settling in

It is amazing how there are moments in life that you wish you could just freeze frame them to take the moment, wallow in it, and then move on. Life is not like that though - it keeps on rumbling along. It is also different when you have young kids - they don't always understand why mom's mood can be a little off.

Thank you for the positive thoughts and support about my gran.

It is a different grieving experience - it is different when the person is older, you have said what you needed to say when they were alive, and your last goodbye was pretty awesome (at Christmas when we were out on the island). I hate to say it, but it is not as heart wrenching as it is with a younger person. When people find out she was 96 their first response invariably is "wow" and I can't argue with that - we should all be so lucky to be pretty healthy for as long as she was and to have had a downward slide just at the end..

It feels odd - I am part of that middle generation. Our parents are now the oldest. Our kids are the youngest... not so young anymore, and old enough to be dispensing advice and mothering the almost 20 year olds out there. When did this happen?

Going back to work is strange - your world has shifted and yet you are in your car, heading in, and the routine starts up again. A little shift in perspective, extra hugs for your loved ones...

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