Sunday, February 27, 2011


What a charming read. It has been a while since I could say that I have read two books in a weekend, and gotten the laundry done.. but I did! It helped it snowed, and then the monsoon hit to melt it all, and with my little guy under the weather, wasn't the time to have a big weekend. It helps that both were what I would call easy reads, and this one was totally charming.

The narrative structure took a bit to get in to, but once I did, I really enjoyed how the story played out. It isn't a hard hitting novel, but it does delve in to some pretty serious topics. The story focuses upon the folk of Guernsey Island (one of the British Channel islands occupied by the Germans during WWII) and a writer, Juliet, whom becomes a vital part of their community by chance.

Having done a course on the holocaust in uni, in which the books we read were as incredible as they were hard to read, in a way, this is a different way to learn about another facet of the war - a different kind of human face and reflection. I enjoyed this book - I don't really want to say it was light-hearted fun, but it is a feel good novel as you turn that last page. I feel like I am going through a bit of a reading renaissance right now - I am reading different kinds of books than I have been, ranging far and wide and I am loving it.

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