Friday, February 4, 2011

A messy end

2011 is looking pretty good as far as my reading list has been concerned A friend recommended this one heartily, and I must agree, it was a great read. It was really well written, the language was luxurious and the characters were well crafted.

The story focuses "in the woods" - a mystery thriller that takes place in small town Ireland. The lead detectives aren't perfect, they are flawed, and a little more believable than some of the leads that I have been reading lately.

There was a lot of lead up to this story, and in some ways, the end felt a bit rushed. It doesn't end all wrapped up neatly, there are unresolved strands and you are left to wonder what happens to the characters after the last page has been turned. The next book written by French continues on with one of the main characters from this book, and then the next takes a character from her third book, but in many ways... there are still things I would like to see play out from this first novel. Well done, the last page has been turned and I want to read more.

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