Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Vancouver Night Race 2013

What a way to start off November.  Remember a few of those goals I had when I turned 40?  I am partway there for one of them.  Although I have not been as dedicated I was for June, July and part of August... I have been able to keep up running once a week.

This weekend, I participated in the Vancouver Night Race with my BFF and a new friend.  It was an awesome experience.  The weather was typical November on the Wet Coast... raining, the wind was blowing, and it was wonderfully miserable.

As you can see, we "dressed" for the occasion, and had a light early dinner.  I have only ever done one run in the past, the Sun Run back in 2000.  I was a little nervous, mostly about how fast I would be able to do the run, and how I would feel.  I know I can do about 7 km, with some stops along the way.  I just didn't know how I would do at night, and in the crowd.  Who knew, I love to run in the morning....

We got to the park with a few minutes to spare, parked, got kitted out, and walked to the race staging area.  Seeing everyone with their lights on was pretty awesome.  It was raining, and the wind was blowing.  I am glad we all needed a pee break, otherwise we would have missed the 10km runners coming along the seawall before they made they way by us.  It was spectacular to see.  Once we got going, I think I sighed when we rounded the corner to the seawall.  The waves were crashing, there was wind my hair... it was an awesome moment.  It made me truly grateful I started running.  I am not fast, but I am fast enough.  I am faster than I was 6 months ago, and I can run better at 40 than I could at 16.  I can't wait to see where I am at a year from now.  Next year I would like to do more 5kms, and a few 10kms.  I have no desire to do a longer distance than 10 km... I finally wore my lovely green REI jacket that Ken me a few years ago.  I can finally say it now.. this jacket is only one of my many reasons for wanting to get more fit.  It really didn't fit me when he first bought it for me... and every step I take... it is slowly starting to fit better. I can't wait to wear this jacket and not feel self conscious. 

All in all, this was a fabulous experience, one I hope to repeat.  Ah yes, my time, I ran 5km in 44:03.  My own personal best, and a great time to aim to break next time around.

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