Saturday, November 30, 2013

My two front teeth

This has been a strange, and yet fairly decent week.

It has been another quick month - so much for attempting the NaBloPoMo I half toyed with there for a few days early on in the month.  It is hard to find time every day to blog, let alone exercise.

Work was weird this week.  It was an eye opening week in many ways.  The most positive way it was eye opening was the feedback from an interview I did that I received, and although I didn't get what I thought I wanted, I think it could put me in the right direction in the future.  Not that I am not going in the right direction, just every now and then you need to make some detours.  I think that because I work hard, and for the most part, don't make a lot of mistakes, that it should get me places.  Some times, it is about timing, and the right opportunity, and I do think there is an element that if you are moving in the right direction, the barriers seem to come down.

This week I also had my front teeth worked on by my new dentist.  It was a really long appointment, and I was nervous.  I have always been at least a little self conscious about my front teeth.  I had large discoloured deposits on them from the beginning of time, and when I was younger, people would always ask if I brushed.. yes.  Yes. I did.  It never helped with those yellow or white spots.  Add a few fillings (weak enamel) and they were just never pearly white.  Wonderfully straight, but not white.  As I have gotten older, I really haven't worried about it.  I know recently I noticed in some pictures that the colour was a bit of, so starting with a new dentist, questions come up about your smile.. and I said in small voice, I had concerns about my front teeth.   Viola.  A few hours later, they look a lot better.  They are more uniform in colour again, and the filling corrected, and roughness smoothed out.  The hard core polishing helped too.  I like my new dentist - she is great.  I also like my slightly upgraded smile a little bit more.

We celebrated my mom's birthday tonight and had my family over for dinner.  Ken and I are getting really good at cooking salmon on the BBQ.  Last night I checked out some late night black frideh deals for some toys after a retirement dinner for my old boss.  When I was younger, I remember thinking they will miss me when I am gone.  Now that I am older, I think that I was pretty naive since I miss them too now that I am gone.  We had a good thing for a number of years at my old place of work. I learned a lot, and the women that I worked with were pretty awesome.  I can see much of how I evolved in my career from two of them, how I lead, and how I choose to define my work.   Sometimes we truly do need distance to see how influence does go both ways.

Tomorrow kicks off December… which I now look at as a very Merry Month of Joy Making mixed with a little or a lot of crazy for good measure.

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