Friday, November 15, 2013

An old standby….

This was a perfect read for a week off work.  Well, almost a week off.   It is almost embarrassing to admit how many NR books I have read over the years… some are quite satisfying, and others… well, they just miss the mark.  If you are looking for a character driven book with a little romance, perhaps a thriller element, and then a happy ending, usually NR is your gal.

I figured this was a great read to jump in to since we were heading south to Seattle and Olympia and this book takes place in the San Juan islands.  Of course, now I have a yen to stay in the San Juans.. I think our first weekend without kids there is an old hotel on one of the islands that I would love to get away with Ken to visit.    This book delivered what I wanted it to - a satisfying, quick read that wasn't all too serious, that was easy to read, and overall enjoyable.  The suspense aspect was ok, I still look forward to having a dog in the future, and as I already mentioned, I would like to spend some time in the San Juans or Gulf Islands.

Finishing this one was an odd feeling.  I have read most of the books I have had on my shelves for a while, and the ones I have left I can't say I have a big burning desire to read anytime soon.  I picked up a book from Costco tonight, hopefully it is a good read.  It is a strange feeling not really knowing what I want to read next…

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